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Macrocura Health Management China Co.Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Macrocura (Hong Kong) Health Management Co., Ltd. in mainland China. The company is committed to combining the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment with contemporary artificial intelligence technology, and serving and developing the traditional Chinese medicine field through the power of science and technology. Macrocura aims to advance TCM by improving overall treatment level, and alleviate the current dilemma faced by patients who find it too difficult and expensive to seek the expert care of a physician . With our AI-based self-service diagnosis system, every individual can enjoy convenient, low-cost and high-quality Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment services. In addition, high-quality TCM services will benefit, and the public as a whole will promote the healthy development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.


Applying the classical medical theory of traditional Chinese medicine, clinical diagnosis and treatment data and artificial intelligence technology, the company independently researches and develops the Macrocura AI Diagnosis Support System for TCM to provide doctors with reliable clinical diagnosis and treatment reference opinions, and help improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis. At the same time, based on big data collected by AI on TCM, the company provides both online and offline multi-channel health consultation and health management services on a large scale, providing users with a high-quality medical service experience.


Artificial intelligence diagnosis system patent
Artificial intelligence diagnosis system patent
Artificial intelligence diagnosis system patent
Artificial intelligence diagnosis system patent

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