Macrocura AI Diagnosis Support System for TCM

The Era of Traditional Chinese Medicine aided by Artificial Intelligence has arrived.

The Macrocura AI Diagnosis Support System for TCM (Macrocura Intelligence) is a medical application based on a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis engine. Based on thousands of multi-dimensional observation points covering four diagnostic methods, as well as up to ten thousand diagnostic rules and parameters, it can input information according to the patient's physical signs, symptoms, living habits, medical history and so on. AI diagnoses the patient's condition, and then suggests a prescription and treatment plan. At the same time, it features a scientific statistical analysis function, an abundant medical knowledge base, and a convenient medical record management system to further incorporate the entire process of outpatient management for doctors and clinics.


Real-world Scenarios:

Private Clinics and Individual Doctors

Assisting Doctors with Consulting on and Prescribing Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine Production and Management Enterprises

Improving the Clinical Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Artificial Intelligence

Traditional Chinese Medicine Educational and Training Institutions

Assisting Traditional Chinese Medicine Training with Artificial Intelligence

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